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About us

ERON Technologies LTD (here after referred to as ERON Technologies or ERON) is a wholly Nigerian owned private limited liability company incorporated with an office in Abuja FCT, Nigeria. The Company was registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria on 14th September, 2010 with Registration Number, RC 911012 to carry out its businesses as authorized under the company and Allied Matter’s Decree of 1990. ERON specializes in providing Renewable Energy, Project Management services, Vocational Training, Contractors and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) services and products: Including, Computer Sales and Services; System Integration via Wired/Wireless Network; Space Segment Development and Management; Digital Security Systems and Access Control; Fire Alarm Systems, Satellite Television System; Solar Power Installations; Forensic and Data Management Recovery; Infrastructure Assessments and deployments; Server and End-User Virtualization; Strategic Information Technology Planning– organizational and infrastructure; Server and Storage planning, installation and migration; Network design, implementation, staging and rollout– wired and wireless; Enterprise Security services, including end-to-end Security Posture; medical equipment and Power Backups System; Penetration Testing with the ability to place a service call around the clock. Fibreglass Composite Technology: Including, Fibreglass boats; FBR Drainage Covers; FBR Roofing; FBR Recreation Equipment; FBR Irrigation Channelling; and FBR Oil Tanks and Pipes, integrated construction and project management solutions.

Since its inception in 2010, ERON has helped companies connect, collaborate and take care of their customers more efficiently via digital devices. As such, those ventures are confident to entrust us with their communication and technical needs. It is why we hold the crown of industrial leadership within our market circle. Our broadest portfolio of technological systems, collaborations and solutions allow us to build the technological needs of the smallest businesses to the largest enterprises— in the cloud, in development of vital applications and mobility options that optimize businesses and make companies more productive. Our innovative solutions help customers keep up with leading technology trends and multichannel communication.

We design for the future and our solutions create a foundation for today that’s both scalable and upgradable for tomorrow.

Our value-added services and solutions are capture and delivered thus:

  • We transfer proven know-how and best practices from one presentation to another and
    combine them in creating new innovative solutions.
  • We deliver services by “cross teams” specialized on specific solutions and industries.
  • As an independent software and hardware integrator, with relationships to various technology leaders, we bring our customers “best fit” solution in accordance to their requests, current situation, environment and technology trends.
  • With our knowledge of industries and latest technology trends, we are able to cover defined end-to-end processes starting from core systems up to specific applications.

Apart from providing an unmatched combination of IT investment-returns and flawless technical executions, we also offer our intellectual assets to our customers´ challenges while also involving in:

CONTRACTS EXECUTIONS, PROCUREMENT, SUPPLY AND TRANSPORTATION: ERON engages in general contracts, trading, marketing, sales and distribution of good, general merchandise, commission agents, act as manufacturer’s representative, and provides supplier services.

OTHER SERVICES: ERON engages in the supply of office equipment, consumable and operational vehicles, office furnishing, design and construction of office furniture, and engineering services. The company engages highly qualified professionals with local and international experience to deliver turnkey results on projects. ERON personnel are known for commitment, professionalism and efficiency. The company is managed by directors and key personnel of high repute and integrity (with a combined industrial experience of over 35 years, having worked with multinational organizations and local companies). The Directors of the company are driven by core values of adherence to the code of best corporate practices.

To provide effective technological and managerial solutions to our clients and maximize the value of their capital projects investments.

We specialize in meeting customers’ needs with key solutions. We are fully vested in the success of any projects awarded to us.


Our key strengths and competence are:

  • Extensive experience in technology, Renewable Energy, Project Management services,
    Vocational Training, Contractors and Information and Communications Technology (ICT),
    across multiple sectors; and
  • Excellent partnership with other industry practitioners.


The company has a specific Quality Management System (QMS) and HSE System, which is used internally and in accordance to contractual demands submitted for approval by approving agencies for each particular project.

ERON TECHNOLOGIES LTD has continued to implement its Health, Safety and Environmental practices with the following objectives: Prevention of workplace accidents; Prevention of occupational illness and Prevention of environmental pollution. Guided by the need to ensure Health, Safety and eco-friendly Environment, ERON therefore focuses and endeavours to:

  • Comply with all applicable Health, Safety and Environmental legislations and other HSE
  • Familiarize all employees and stakeholders with training, information and facilities available;
  • Increase awareness and accountability at all levels of the organization; and
  • Monitor, regularly and review our set objectives.