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General contractor

Some of our contract works include: Building; piling works; shore protection; location preparation; Drainages of water boreholes; Piling works Baluster and Blocks; Interlocks; Seamen Location Preparation; Iron rod works; High Quality Reinforced Concrete Poles; and Fencing Poles. In building construction, we complete all sizes of commercial and residential building at any location with Nigeria. Plate 3 shows some of our civil engineering projects ERON’s electrical engineering team is well positioned and setup to accomplish the following amongst other general electrical works: Generator installation; Transformer installation; Synchronizer panel installation; Injection Substations Power Distribution Lines

Our distribution system services includes the following:

  • Installation of new prepaid meters;
  • Engineering design works to reduce technical losses through network reinforcement
    activities such as:
  • Re-conducting of lines by replacing undersized conductors;
  • Network reinforcement projects to improve voltage profile;
  • Maintenance of injection substation power transformers, switchgears and distribution
  • Engineering and construction of new 33kV lines, 11kV and relief distribution substations and cradle guard.


ERON substation scope of services include the following:

  • Substation automation studies
  • Engineering and construction of new 33/1kV injection substation
  • Maintenance of injection substation power transformer, switchgears and transmission substation.

Solar Power Development

ERON has the technology and processes to harness solar power for electricity generation. Whether it is for large solar power plans or stand-alone home and commercial application, ERON can design the system that suits your needs.

Rural Electrification

To support government rural electrification, ERON deploys its vast knowledge of electrical engineering to facilitate the extension of electric power supply for rural dwellers irrespective of where they live and what they do, through the following efforts:

  • Extension of electricity grid to rural areas
  • Deployment of renewable energy solutions (solar power) to rural areas.

General Engineering Services

  • Power Projects: ERON have capabilities to develop small to medium sized power plants for electricity supply.
  • Facilities Turn Around (Refineries, Power Plants): ERON has established key relationships with US companies that enable us provide Turn-Around Maintenance (TAM) services to key industrial group line power plants, refineries and gas plants. We are able to muster the personnel, equipment and process to complete difficult outage scopes within cost and schedule budgets agreed with our clients. With the captured data, ERON can help add value to your processes by performing the following additional services:
  • Fabrication Verification;
  • Inspection Compliance;
  • Model Based Maintenance;
  • Training Solution for Customer Technical Team;
  • Outage Planning;
  • Front End Design

Special Construction

Our special constructions include: Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD); Pressurized; Construction Enclosures; Marking Services; Laser Scanning Services; Cradle Guard; and Fabrication of Steel structures as shown in plates below:


Our Quality Management System describes the responsibilities and methods which will control and monitor the quality as per technical specification required by client, in accordance to BS, AASHTO & ASTM.